Documentation of Artistic Work

In the past thirteen years I made about thirty games and interactive artworks, some of which may take a considerable amount of time to experience. So instead of providing links to every piece in chronological order I’ll try to guide you through my work in a way that is the most respectful of your time. At the bottom of the page you’ll find documentation of curatorial work and publications.

This is a video reel giving an overview of molleindustria projects from 2003 to now, including some work in progress. All the games are playable or downloadable from the molleindustria website


Two-channel narrative game about the daily routine of a drone pilot.
Co-written by Jim Munroe. Sound design by Jesse Stiles.
Installation/online game.
Website and downloads

Write-ups in English: Ars Technica/Wired, PopMatters, New Statesman.

*Part of the New Frontier section at Sundance Festival 2012.
*Winner of the Grand Jury Award at Indiecade 2012.
*Winner of Best Gameplay and Knight newsgame at Games for Change 2012.


“Educational” game for smart phones about the social cost of electronic manufacturing. First accepted then banned from the App store. The video Shows the full playthrough.
iPhone/iPad/Android game.
Website and downloads

Write-ups in English: New York Times, Guardian, ZNet, NBC.

*Online Commission for Abandon Normal Devices festival (UK)
*Co-commissioned by the Gwangju Design
Biennale (South Korea).



An existential game about alienation and refusal of labor.
Soundtrack by Jesse Stiles.
Online game.
Website and downloads

Write-ups in English: Gamasutra, The Millions, Ditchtung Journal, GOOD.

*Finalist at Indiecade Festival 2010.


to build a better mousetrap

A semi-abstract management game.
Online game.
Website and downloads

Write-ups in English: Buzzfeed, A.V. Club, Killscreen.



A commentary on the oil industry, lobbying and fossil fuel depletion.

Website and downloads

Write-ups in English: Guardian, Mother Nature Network, Game Set Watch.

*Finalist at Indiecade Festival 2010.



Unofficial NRA game where “good guys with guns” shoot at “bad guys with guns” except all the characters are controlled by the player.
Downloadable game.
and downloads

Write-ups in English: Financial Post, Guns, Wired, International Businness Times.

*Fundraising initiative to support a series of radical gamemaking workshops at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit.


Reverse propaganda video about post-traumatic stress disorder filmed within the recruiting game America’s Army.
Machinima video, 6 minutes.

Write-up: Dissertation, Newsgames Georgia Tech



An anti-advergame highlighting the unethical practices of the fast food industry. Online game.
Website and downloads

Write-ups in English: CNet, Gamasutra.

*Mistaken for an official advertising campaign the game spun off an identity correction hijink in collaboration with prankster group the Yes Men.


Dynamic mapping of flights involved in the CIA extraordinary rendition program.
Collaboration with the Institute for Applied Autonomy and with experimental geographer Trevor Paglen.
Data visualization.
and downloads

*Ars Electronica 2007 curated selection
*Rhizome commission



A tongue-in-cheek cathartic game for fundamentalists of all kinds. Players control Godzilla-sized deities in a sprawling supernatural death match.
After a tabloid-generated controversy the game was temporary replaced by a “pacifist” sequel.
Online game.
and downloads

Write-ups in English: Huffington Post, The Times, Jerusalem Post.

P5.Play (2015)

Open source add-on for p5.js for the creation of games and playthings.
P5.js, which is in turn a spin-off / spiritual successor of Processing, a popular tool among creative coders and educators. Since I initiated, several contributors joined the project, which is being incorporated into an upcoming tool by the foundation.
Official website
Github repository



BooFlag – Instant game on the confederate flag controversy. Online game, 2015.

TrademarkVille – Multiplayer guessing game about trademarking abuse. Online game, 2014.

Game definitions – procedurally generated definitions of “game”. Website, 2013.

Arcade Bike Polo – first videogame adaptation of an emerging urban sport. Online game, 2012.

Leaky World – Playable commentary on WikiLeaks. Online game, 2010.

Inside a Dead Skyscraper – Interactive music video. Online game, 2010.

Memory Reloaded – Matching game about historical revisionism. Online game, 2010.

Run, Jesus Run! – The life of Jesus in 10 seconds and 8 bits. Online game, 2010.

The 21st Century Home
– An inflatable “real virtuality” experience. Installation, 2009.

– Fast-paced, fast-paced, branching narrative / Unidentified playable object. Online game, 2009.

Kosmosis – An arcade space shooter from a an alternate socialist past. Online game, 2009.

Missed Connections – A forensic investigation of physical disconnection based on craigslist classified ads. Video, 2008.

The free culture game – Playable theory about the struggle between free culture and copyright. Online game, 2008.

Permitted Habitats – Interactive map of genetically modified organisms released for field tests. Collaboration with the Center for PostNatural History. Data visualization, 2008.

Operation: Pedopriest – Newsgame about child abuses within the clergy. Online game 2007.

Where Next? – Online platform for betting on terrorist attacks inspired by
an actual DARPA program. Collaboration with project, now offline, 2005.

Embrioni in fuga (Embryos’ Run) – Propaganda game for a referendum about stem cell research. Online game, 2005.

Ricordi bastardi – The first Italian mash-up album. 14 tracks remixing classic Italian and modern pop/rock songs. Online EP 2005.

Enduring Indymedia
– Newsgame about the seizure of Indymedia server hardware. Online game, 2004.

MayDay NetParade
– Virtual parade for the precarious workers movement. Online work, 2004.

Queer Power – A queer détournement of the fighting game genre. 2004.

Papa Parolibero – Satirical tool deconstructing the language of the Catholic establishment. Software toy, 2004.

Orgasm Simulator – Rhythm game about a subtle form of gender oppression. Online game, 2003.

Tuboflex – Dystopian commentary on flexible labor. Online game 2003.

Tamatipico – Virtual pet parody about labor issues. Online game 2003.


Pixel Punks- DIY pop-up arcade. Mr. Roboto Projects, Pittsburgh, PA. February 7, 2014

VIA Games. VIA Festival, Pittsburgh, PA. 2014
Large scale projection of multiplayer games.

VIA Games. VIA Festival, Pittsburgh, PA. 2014
Selection of independent games, arcade backpack, J.S. Joust tournament.

AMC Arcade. Allied Media Conference, Detroit. June 20, 2014.
Rotating selection of activist video games in the context of a community organizing conference. Co-curated.


I regularly publish writings and transcripts from my talks on my blog.

​What To Do With Prison Architect, A Video Game About Building Prisons? – Kotaku

Fucking Polygons, Fucking pixels: on procedural representation of sex. Monochrom’s Arse Elektronika Anthology. REsearch, 2013

Videogames and the Spirit of Capitalism. Time & Motion Redefining Working Life. Liverpool University Press, 2013.

The Trouble With Call of Duty’s Scary New War of the Future – Kotaku

Benvenuti nel deserto del reale. Una conversazione con Paolo Pedercini in MACHINIMA! Teorie. Pratiche. Dialoghi. Edited by Matteo Bittanti, Henry Lowood. Ludologica, 2012.

Chapter 25, in Cultura e nuovi media: Cinque interrogativi di Lev Manovich. Edited by Vito Campanelli and Danilo Capasso. MAO Media, 2011.

Oiligarchy Post-mortem, in Net Works. Edited by xtine Burrough. Routledge, 2011.

Media contagiosi (Contagious media), in Skizomedia. Edited by Franco “bifo” Berardi. Derive/approdi, 2006.
Note: pop essay about viral media.

7 Giorni in una seconda vita (7 days in a second life), Cluster magazine, 2005.
Note: The first essay about Second Life written in Italian.